2022 Election – IKORCC Endorsements

“Educate. Agitate. Organize.” Those are the words United Brotherhood of Carpenters founder Peter J. McGuire spoke about the key tenets to build and maintain our union. Each year, the Indiana Kentucky Ohio Regional Council of Carpenters meets with current and potential legislators to educate them of Carpenter’s Issues. It is imperative to our mission to protect our members rights on the job and fight for other issues that impact how they work.

Carpenters Issues

• Good Union Jobs

• On-the-Job Safety

• Access to Real Training

• Protection from Harmful Right-to-Work Laws

• Protecting Prevailing Wage

• Fighting Employer Misclassification and Worker Misclassification

In order to fulfill the other two tenets, Agitate and Organize, we need to ensure the people in power in our local, state, and federal governments have our members best interests in mind. While we inform legislators and potential legislators year-round, we learn a lot about who truly believes in our core mission.

Here are the IKORCC endorsed candidates for the 2022 election: