Carpenters Union Donates to Local Career Technical Programs

Friday, October 28, 2022, Indiana Kentucky Ohio Regional Council of Carpenters Representative Jon Parman and the Ohio Joint Apprenticeship’s Director of Education Dan Sustin presented a $5,000 grant from the Regional Council to the Building Trades program with Knox County’s Career Center (KCCC).

KCCC’s program currently has 20 juniors and 20 seniors. Students in the class visited the IKORCC training centers in Columbus and Richfield for their annual open-house events this year. As the representatives delivered the check, students from the class presented both Parman and Sustin plaques to thank them for their partnership and dedication to preparing students like themselves for the workforce.

The grant money for the schools is intended to be used for additional training, such as new equipment to keep up with the upcoming work to the Central-Ohio area. Some systems, such as cleanrooms, are expected to be utilized in the upcoming projects in the area including at the Intel mega-site and the newly announced Honda Battery Plant.

In August, Parman and Ohio Joint Apprenticeship Area Coordinator Aaron Gunderman provided two additional $5,000 grants to Ashland County West-Holmes Career Center Construction Trades program and the West Holmes High School Building Trades program.

“We need this next generation,” Gunderman said. “The fact that there is just so much construction work coming…We want to help steer these young people in the right direction. We want to show them all the career opportunities they have in construction.”

The council is expected to continue with select grants for schools with strong carpentry programs within the region.