IKORCC Hosts Appreciation Lunch at Yellowbud Solar Project

WILLIAMSPORT, OH – On September 15, IKORCC leadership and staff took to the Yellowbud Solar Project to host an appreciation lunch for the workers. All union workers were invited to stop by one of the three setups onsite for their lunch made by The Scioto Ribber. For the over 220 IKORCC carpenters onsite, staff handed out shirts and tumblers to thank members for their work on the project. Nearly 500 trades workers in total on the job picked up lunch during the event.

“The Yellowbud luncheon was to thank those IKORCC members working onsite. They took the classes, came to work with a good attitude, and got the job done! This job is a perfect example of what the UBC does; we train, we show up with a can-do attitude, and we get the job done!”, IKORCC Director of Ohio Anthony Holbrook said of the event.

Thanks to IKORCC members’ professionalism and productivity, IKORCC Contractors, like Kiewit, are committing to using union carpenters and millwrights to complete their solar projects.

“The UBC’s performance both with safety and productivity has been outstanding,” David Marko Kiewit’s Labor Relations Director spoke about the IKORCC’s presence at Yellowbud.

Marko wrote the IKORCC to commend the performance reported on the Yellowbud Solar Project in Ross and Pickaway counties near southern Ohio.

The productivity of the solar energy work at the Yellowbud site is just one example of IKORCC’s ongoing efforts to continue learning from emerging industries and adapting to the needs of contractors.

Nearly $14 billion are projected to be invested in Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio by the federal government due the Inflation Reduction Act being passed at the federal level. This legislation is expected to invest that money into large-scale power generation and storage in clean energy, including solar.

To date, IKORCC training centers have taught over 10,000 solar training hours and expect to more than double that by next year to keep up with the demand from contractors bidding on these new solar projects across the region.