Tax Fraud Days of Action 2022: Ohio

In four events across the state, regional legislators visited the Indiana Kentucky Ohio Regional Council of Carpenters Training Centers on April 12th and 13th to learn more and speak out about construction industry tax fraud. Events were held by IKORCC across the three states and sponsored by the United Brotherhood of Carpenters across the United States and Canada.

On April 12th, the IKORCC held events in Rossford and Monroe.  On April 13th, events took place in Richfield and Columbus.  All four events brought in legislators from both sides of the aisle some with little knowledge of the dangerous practice in the construction industry.

In Ohio, it is last estimated that the state loses $965,800,000 a year from misclassification.  That money could equal:

  • 15,824 K-12 Teachers
  • 215 miles of highway expansion
  • 686 miles of highway resurfacing
  • or an 80% increase in higher education construction

Many legislators in attendance spoke about their support of the proposed legislation in Ohio, House Bill 482 that recently passed in the Ohio House of Representatives.  This piece of legislation proposes a Tax Fraud Study Commission to understand the impact of this business model in Ohio and make recommendations moving forward.

One of the primary sponsors of this bill, Ohio State Representative Al Cutrona who represents District 59, attended the Monroe event.

“We’re losing an incredible amount of state revenue with these bad actors through misclassification…I want to make sure Ohio can protect itself and protect its citizens and ensure that we get every fair dollar back to our state so we can reappropriate that to infrastructure and government programs, ” Cutrona said about introducing HB 482.

Cutrona and other officials had the opportunity to speak with apprentices, answer questions, and reaffirm their commitments to carpenter issues.  Overall, the four events were a success in spreading awareness about the issues that impact IKORCC members.


This is a recap of the Indiana Kentucky Ohio Regional Council of Carpenters 2022 Tax Fraud Day of Action events. (1/3)