Setting the Pace in Energy

2023: IKORCC is about to hit one million work hours in the renewable industry with over 500,000 coming from solar. Solar farms are becoming more popular here in our Midwest states Read more

New Solar Training Energizes IKORCC Partners

The renewable energy industry is expanding at an incredibly rapid pace. In fact, industry analysts believe that solar power generators, alone, will produce most of the energy needed around the world within 50 years.

To stay competitive in the industry, the Indiana/Kentucky/Ohio Regional Council of Carpenters has embraced this new industry – expanding our capabilities with superior training. Today, we were proud to show off this training to representatives from Pepper Construction.

IKORCC Executive Secretary-Treasurer Todd Pancake and Training Director Jerry Burke joined Matt McGriff, Wallace Turner and representatives from Pepper Construction for a solar meeting and observation of a solar class in session.

Today, hundreds of IKORCC carpenters and millwrights are working on solar farms all over Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio. To learn more about our IKORCC solar training click here.