Building Market Share & Community in Newburgh

In the Newburgh area, 2021 was all about growing market share and building community – something members in this area excel at. Members worked on big projects, including the Evansville Aquatic Center, St. Vincent Hospital, Deaconess Hospital, a pool at University of Southern Indiana and on a bridge over Green River.

Next year’s work forecast looks solid. Members are working on an ongoing simple cycle project at Tennessee Valley Authority, where AZCO is installing three simple cycle gas turbines. This project kicked off in October. At its peak it will have around 60 carpenters and 15 Millwrights on the project.

Members are looking forward to the Toyota/Lexus line expansion, which is set to begin in early 2022. This $840 million-dollar project will create plenty of man hours. In March, Pratt Industries Paper Mill is coming to Henderson, KY. This $340 million-dollar project will also increase man hours.

In addition to growing market share, members in Paducah are also building the community. Local 357 members are finishing work on a McCracken County Habitat for Humanity home. This is the fourth home they’ve helped build for the organization that helps families and individuals in need of decent, affordable housing achieve their dream of homeownership. Carpenters did the framing, set trusses, roof decking and will set the windows and complete the vinyl siding.

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, carpenters mobilized and held a canned food drive. The food drive was so successful, they’ve decided to do it again in 2021 and are currently taking canned food and Christmas toy donations for families in need.

Community Based Organizing

Our country is experiencing an unprecedented labor movement not seen since the 1940’s & 50’s. Every labor union in the country should be capitalizing on this momentum, but at some point, every union member has to ask themselves…what can I do to help?

Members like you, have and always will be the UBC’s most valuable asset. To reach the UBC goal of 70% market share & the regional council’s goals, we need you engaged.

Throughout our history carpenter to carpenter & community-based organizing have been the most effective tools we have as a union. Many of you are familiar with the IKORCC M.A.C program. The regional council has set up Membership Action Committees and holds meetings in multiple areas in IN, KY & Ohio.

Unlike regular monthly business meetings, this is where you have the opportunity to get involved in our organizing efforts. Activities range from community events, helping our neighbors with small construction projects, but most importantly showing up in force to collectively voice our concerns on carpenter issues.

We are the community, and we will hold elected officials, owners and developers accountable when they let unscrupulous contractors come into our community and steal the work that puts food on our tables. We are putting a schedule of events together for the 2022 M.A.C. agenda & we need you there.

Please contact your local or regional council office for more information & how you can make a difference.


Ken Lyons

Director of Organizing

Merrillville – Readying for an Influx of Work

The Northwest Indiana-area is readying for an influx of commercial, roadwork and light industrial projects. Current and future projects exist of: New Franciscan Hospital in Crown Point, new schools and renovations for Hanover Community Schools, Crown Point Community Schools and Duneland Community Schools. Along with this work the area has ongoing maintenance work at industrial facilities.  These projects are projected to create several thousands of man-hours for members.


To help grow market share, business representatives have been pursuing multiple solar projects in the area. There are currently nine large scale solar farms slated for development in NW Indiana.  Each project may vary from a one year to two years in duration and have the potential to generate extensive man-hours and long-term employment opportunities for members. The team is currently in negotiations with owners and developers on these projects and feels optimistic about future opportunities.  The solar trend is projected to continue to expand, so members are encouraged to contact the Merrillville training center to inquire about solar training programs.


Along with solar training tools made available at the Merrillville Training Center, there are other new opportunities to expand memberships opportunities.  The training center recently invested in a mockup to include the scopes of the entire building envelope.  This includes training opportunities in commercial flat rolled membrane roofing applications, the installation processes of several types of rain screens and various exterior cladding systems, including the science behind the systems and how to apply the weather and waterproofing membranes.


The NWI area has historically been a heavy industrial market with the majority of millwright man hours generated from the local steel mills and power generating stations.  With a recent increase of construction projects in the light industrial market, the team has worked with contractors to find manpower.  Recently, they’ve been successful in organizing a group of non-union light industrial workers to pursue this field.


Along with organizing this group comes the opportunity to work maintenance in eight new light industrial facilities, potentially generating several thousands of man hours for our membership.  Considering the growth in the light industrial market in NW Indiana, we encourage our signatory contractors and membership to take advantage of the industrial maintenance training programs that are offered at our training centers.

Political Update


2021 has been another successful year for Indiana politics. The IKORCC managed to harvest a great relationship with the Indiana Association of Public-School Superintendents (IAPSS) and received an invitation to go on tour with them for all eight of their district meetings. During the tour, we were introduced to public school superintendents in all 92 counties. In addition, we were given the opportunity to talk about our Door Safety Inspection (DSI) Program and Career Connections.

One of our many focuses was on getting more “Responsible Bidder Language” added into front end bid specs with school corporations. During the 2021 year, we were able to obtain an additional two agreements with the Metropolitan School District of Boone Township and Concord Community Schools.

Other events worth mentioning that took place during the 2021 year are several successful meetings with political figures regarding laws being introduced to support ICRA training requirements being put in place if any work is being done in occupied health care facilities or schools that may have students present. Also, the City of Indianapolis has promised to make tax fraud and worker misclassification its number one priority for 2022. This commitment came directly from Mayor Joe Hogsett during a public speech that he gave to the city.

During the Delegates conference, Senator Fady Quadra (left) spoke to the membership and explained his level of respect for the Carpenters Union and other organized labor affiliates. He affirmed that he would carry the Carpenters ICRA legislation in 2022.

Due to line redistricting, a Senate seat for District 46 has come up for grabs. We have successfully sourced a candidate that is a card-carrying member of AFSCME whom we helped get elected to the Indianapolis City County Council, to go after this open seat. The candidate has confirmed they will make it known that this seat will be a union held seat if elected. This seat will be won during the primaries due to it being a largely held partisan district.



2021 was a busy political year in Kentucky.  Even with the COVID-19 restrictions we’ve been able to build great relationships with local lawmakers and state legislators.  Our goals in Kentucky are to address tax fraud and ensure we are in the best position to secure our work with the influx of new solar projects coming to the area.

With solar, it is our hope to introduce language similar to legislation that exists in other states that would protect our work and put our contractor base in the best position possible to secure solar work.  Our solar committee, headed up Jeremy Welch and Wallace Turner, has done a tremendous job working with developers and owners to provide information to the political team. That info is vital in working with our lawmakers to sell our training and the importance of the upcoming work.

Tax fraud is a major problem in Kentucky.  1099 worker misclassification and the cash under the table business model used by non-signatory contractors has put our contractor base at huge disadvantage.  Working with our Director of Organizing Kenneth Lyons and our political team, we’ve been taking local and state legislators to job site visits to show them the impact and loss of tax revenue that is currently going on.

Now that the November local elections are over, we will actively continue to educate local elected officials about our issues.  We use our training facilities to conduct tours and plan to ramp up job site visits.  Do not discount the importance you have in actively participating to successfully reach our goals.

If you are not registered to vote please do so.  You can register online at  Moving into 2022 there will be very important races all across Kentucky.



2021 was a challenge, politically.  Our approach in building relationships with lawmakers became more difficult as a result of the COVID-19 mandates throughout Ohio. Thankfully, we found creative ways to continue building relationships with our local and state lawmakers.  We use our four self-funded Ohio training centers as our main selling point with politicians.  We continue to take elected officials out for jobsite visits to showcase what we do and also highlight the bad jobsites where tax fraud is rampant due to the lack of legislation in Ohio.

As a result, we continue to build support from both sides of the aisle – Democrat and Republican.  We have been successful in protecting our core issues such as Prevailing Wage, Right to Work, and Unemployment Compensation.  We are now using our relationships to introduce language to address tax fraud.  Our tax fraud bill will create a Tax Fraud Commission to study the impact that paying cash under the table and worker misclassification abuse is having, not only to us but every taxpayer within Ohio.  We are aggressively lobbying on current issues to protect our work within all four refineries in the state.

Our motto has always been to Educate, Agitate, and Organize.  These very same principles are used when working with any elected lawmaker.  Our Ohio political team covers all corners of the state and we will keep every UBC member informed of legislation that may affect us.

With the 2022 election cycle upcoming we will be very busy working for current lawmakers we support and going through a vetting process for any open seats to ensure that the right lawmakers are elected.  If you are not already registered to vote, please do so.

You can register online at  Remember that when a recommendation is made to support a candidate they are soundly in support of protecting your work, your career, and your ability to provide for your family.

Carpenters Refurbish Historic Church

Carpenters have been constructing historic buildings for as long as the United Brotherhood of Carpenters has existed. In every state, province, and city across the United States and Canada union carpenters have made an impact on the legacy. Whether it’s bringing buildings down to put a new one back up or rehabilitating an existing structure, union carpenters prove their skills with each new project.

In Canton Ohio, carpenters have been working on an important renovation at a significant site. At 530 Tuscarawas St W, in a city almost as old as the state itself, Christ Presbyterian Church sits on the same land dedicated for the city’s first house of worship back in 1805 by the city’s founder. Read more

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Start Your Journey at our 2019 Open Houses

carpenter, apprentice, career, trainingJoin the Carpenters of the Indiana/Kentucky/Ohio Regional Council of Carpenters (IKORCC) for our annual Open House & Apprenticeship Competition. Watch competitors battle in our Crafts Skill Competitions, take a tour of the training center, visit vendor displays, meet elected officials, enjoy refreshments and much more!

Below is a list of the 2019 Carpenter’s Training Center Open Houses:

Indianapolis Campus
711 Greenwood Springs Dr.
Greenwood, IN 46143
P: 317.807.1116
Open House: September 24, 2019
Times: 8am – 2pm (Local time)

Louisville Campus
1245 Durrett Lane
Louisville, KY 40213
P: 502.366.8668
Open House: October 1, 2019
Times: 8am – 2pm (Local time)

Monroe Campus
361 Breaden Drive
Monroe, OH 45050
P: 513.539.7849
Open House: September 12, 2019
Times: 8am – 2pm

Columbus Campus
1899 Arlingate Lane
Columbus, OH 43228
P: 614.236.4205
Open House: September 10, 2019
Times: 8am – 2pm

Newburgh Campus
5400 Covert Court
Newburgh, IN 47630
P: 812.853.9312
Open House: September 26, 2019
Times: 8am – 2pm (Local time)

Merrillville Campus
1565 E 70th Court
Merrillville, IN 46410
P: 219.942.0518
Open House: September 10, 2019
Times: 8am – 2pm (Local time)

Richfield Campus
4100 Maple Drive
Richfield, OH 44286
P: 330.659.9495
Open House: September 24, 2019
Times: 8am – 2pm

Warsaw Campus
1095 Mariners Drive
Warsaw, IN 46582
P: 574.267.5264
Open House: September 12, 2019
Times: 8am -2pm (Local time)

Ashland Campus
574 Carpenters Way
Grayson, KY 41143
P: 606.929.1362
Open House: October 17, 2019
Times: 8am – 2pm (Local time)

Terre Haute Campus
3099 S. 6th Street
Terre Haute, IN 47802
P: 812.466.7899
Open House: October 15, 2019
Times: 8am -2pm (Local time)

Rossford Campus
9270 Bass Pro Boulevard
Rossford, OH 43460
P: 419.872.4651
Open House: September 26, 2019
Times: 8am – 2pm

IKORCC Welcomes New Members from Carpenters Industrial Council

The Indiana Kentucky Ohio Regional Council of Carpenters is proud to welcome our newest members from the Carpenters Industrial Council. Below you will see a welcome letter from IKORCC EST Todd Pancake. 

Dear Member:

I’d like to take the opportunity to personally welcome you to the Indiana / Kentucky / Ohio Regional Council of Carpenters.  As we continue to grow, we strive to remain as adaptable, motivated and responsive to our new members as we are to our customers. I would like to take this opportunity to share with you how each and every one of you plays an important part in our Council.  We pride ourselves by keeping informed on events affecting the union; and staying in tune with public policy changes on federal, state and local levels affecting our member’s industry and livelihood.  One of the most important facets of a union member’s responsibility is having a positive attitude – a positive attitude brings optimism and motivates toward success. Another important role you’ll play is your participation in activities organized by the Union.  Whether the Union calls for the distribution of information, collecting signatures, voting, picketing or striking, it is important for our members to participate whenever possible.

Our Brotherhood is confronting a time of many changes and we’re meeting these changes during a time of larger nation-wide and global change. We’ll continue working to ensure our organization remains on the cutting edge.

We’re continuously transforming the way we operate to improve our ability to be competitive in an ever-changing climate. Our members and partners have continued to meet challenges that arise and we will work together to overcome them. We are very proud of where we are today and excited about where we are headed.

This link will provide contact information for all of your Regional Council Offices. Should you have questions, please contact the office closest to your home local.

Before I finish, I’d just like you to know that you, as part of our team, are our most important and greatest asset. We could not accomplish what we do every day without our members. I’m very pleased to welcome you to the Indiana / Kentucky / Ohio Regional Council of Carpenters and look forward to working with you!

M. Todd Pancake
Executive Secretary-Treasurer
Indiana Kentucky Ohio Regional Council of Carpenters

Brother Todd Pancake Named New EST

M. Todd Pancake has been a member of the Carpenters Union for nearly 40 years and is a proud member of Local 133 in Terre Haute, Indiana. Union pride runs in his family, his father was a member of the operating engineers and both his brothers are carpenters with the UBC. He completed his apprenticeship in 1984, earning his Associate’s Degree in Applied Science from Ivy Tech. Brother Pancake worked in the field for 10 years as a carpenter, steward and foreman while also serving as the president of his local.

In 1991, EST Pancake accepted a position as a carpenter instructor for the Central Indiana Carpenters Apprenticeship program where he taught general carpentry classes including blueprint reading, layout, health & safety, scaffolding and interior systems.

In 2005, EST Pancake took on a new role as the Director of Education for the Indiana Kentucky Ohio Regional Council of Carpenters Joint Apprenticeship Training Fund. As the Director of Education, EST Pancake oversaw nine training centers in Indiana and Kentucky, grew the apprenticeship and Career Connections programs, and implemented new programs to enhance leadership training.

In 2017, EST Pancake joined the IKORCC as the chief-of-staff working directly with now Midwest Vice President Mark McGriff. In his role as chief-of-staff, EST Pancake had the opportunity to work with contract negotiations, council committees and most importantly focus on exceeding council goals.

In March 2019, General President Douglas McCarron asked then EST Mark McGriff to accept the position of Midwest Vice President. Upon accepting the role VP McGriff said,

“Todd Pancake was an obvious choice for the role. He has served our membership for 40 years as a carpenter, instructor, director of education and chief-of-staff. I’m confident that under his leadership the IKORCC will continue to surpass goals and lead the way for years to come.”

EST Pancake started his career like many of our members, as a first-year apprentice. He worked his way up from that point, honorably serving our membership in various leadership roles along the way. His experience on the training side coupled with his work for the council gives him a 360-degree view of where we are as a council and where we need to go.

Please join us in congratulating the IKORCC’s new EST Todd Pancake. 

IKORCC Wins Commercial Project of the Year

They haven’t officially cut the ribbon opening the new Merrillville training facility and already the IKORCC’s state-of-the-art building is winning awards.

Wednesday the Indiana Kentucky Ohio Regional Council of Carpenters earned the prestigious “Commercial Project of the Year Award” from the Construction Advancement Fund (CAF) for the new administration and training facility in Merrillville.

The buildings, which are located at 1560 E. 70th Court in Merrillville, were built by Hasse Construction with the help of union carpenters.

The CAF hosts an annual award ceremony in partnership with the Northwest Indiana Building Roundtable (NWIBRT) to recognize excellence in construction and safety.

The IKORCC Merrillville project was recognized for being completed on schedule, within budget, with minimal disruption to the operation, all while upholding the highest commitment to safety.

The IKORCC administration building is 13,000 square feet and the training center is an impressive 64,000 square feet. The training center will help thousands of people build their careers in the industry. Carpenters, floor coverers, and millwrights will receive the latest skill & safety training thanks to the new facility.

To learn more about the Merrillville Training Center, or to build a career in carpentry click here.

IKORCC Hosts UBC Midwest District Olympics

Saturday carpenters and floor layers from across the Midwest battled it out in the UBC Midwest Drywall & Flooring Olympics at the IKORCC headquarters in Greenwood, Indiana.

All competitors won regional drag races in order to advance to the Midwest finals. The participants all did amazing, but only one in each category advanced to the championships at the Carpenter’s International Training Center in Las Vegas, Nevada later this year.

Jose Reyes from the Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters won first place in the drywall race, with an impressive time. Our own Manuel Banegas, Local 301, earned second place in the drywall contest!

Joshua Landis from the St. Louis-Kansas City Regional Council won first place in the flooring contest. The IKORCC’s Noel Johnson also had a great showing in the flooring competition.

Thanks to all who participated in the UBC Midwest Drywall & Flooring Olympics at the IKORCC!