Operation Victory Dedicates 3rd Home

IKORCC Volunteers

Community service is a value that runs deep in union members.  This is especially true in Louisville, Kentucky where they have just completed their third home renovation for Operation Victory.

Operation Victory is a coalition of Greater Louisville Area Unions, Non-Profit/Community Organizations, and Local Area Businesses joined together to rehabilitate vacant and abandoned homes for Homeless Veterans.

IKORCC VolunteersLocal 175 Members Volunteering

The Carpenters had over 25 members, spouses, and family members volunteer their time through the various phases of this project.  “Through [the] generous support and the dedication of our members to volunteering and community service, this home has been the smoothest, quickest turn around yet”, Local 175 and IKORCC Representative Noah Grimes said of the project.

The veteran, Torre Harris, who received this home was a former Marine who was actively homeless before this project. He does odd-jobs remodeling abandoned homes around Louisville and, with permission, frequently utilized those homes for shelter. Upon completion of renovation in the Operation Victory home, Harris was asked to install blinds inside – little did he know the home would soon be his.

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“I was just speechless,” Harris said. “I thought it was somebody’s house I was just working on like I normally do.”

Lacking a stable residence, he found it incredibly difficult to re-enter society and develop gainful employment to maintain a decent lifestyle. This home will provide much needed stability for him and relieve a major burden that would hold anyone back.

Thanks to M&M Interiors for donating drywall, Parco Constructors Group for donating the mud,  Quality Interiors and Valley Interior Systems for donating the manpower to finish the drywall, and L&W Supply for delivering and providing any discounts, etc. Without the help of contractors, important community projects like this would not be possible.

An further in-depth look at this project can be found as featured on Insider, Spectrum News 1, and several local news outlets.


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