IKORCC Partners with Porter County Schools to Launch State Earn and Learn Pre-Apprenticeship Programs

On August 24th, the Indiana/Kentucky/Ohio Regional Council of Carpenters alongside officials from the Indiana Office of Work-Based Learning and Apprenticeship (OWBLA), IKORCC signatory contractors, school officials, and community stakeholders formally recognized Porter County Career Center (PCCC), Portage High School, and Chesterton High School’s respective carpentry programs as newly certified State Earn and Learn (SEAL) Programs.

Porter County Career and Technical Center – signatory contractor partner – Tonn & Blank Const. representative Megan Wheeler

State Earn and Learn (SEAL) Program

The SEAL Program is now one of Indiana’s state-level pre-apprenticeship programs. SEAL is designed to deliver a work-and-learn experience for pre-apprentices along with both the skills and certifications that will make them more valuable to potential employers.

IKORCC SEAL programs are aligned to the Indiana Career and Technical Educations Next Level Program of Study. By utilizing the Carpenters Career Connections curriculum, students will also be earning an IKORCC Carpentry Level 1 Apprentice Certification that satisfies Indiana Graduation Pathway’s postsecondary readiness requirement.

“It’s so important because this is our opportunity to actually connect our school partners to true work-based learning experiences with our signatory contractors.”

Hope Harp, IKORCC Outreach Specialist 

Tonn and Blank Construction, Specialty Construction, and Solid Platforms, Inc. are the first three signatory contractors participating in the SEAL program in Porter County. The Construction Advancement Foundation of Northwest Indiana will also support each SEAL program by facilitating job shadowing experiences and providing additional safety training for students.

Thank you to all of our SEAL Program Partners!

IKORCC Business Representatives, signatory contractors, and the Construction Advancement Foundation representative came to show their support for the SEAL Program launch.

Chesterton High School – signatory contractor partner – Specialty Construction – representative Troy Pikula not present

Portage High School – signatory contractor partner – Solid Platforms, Inc. representative Chuck Blaser

To learn more about our articulation agreements and partnerships through Career Connections or the SEAL Program, visit ikorcctraining.com/career-connections.