Families First Coronavirus Response Act: Member Guidance

March 27, 2020

The U.S. Congress passed the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, and the UBC summarized what that means for our U.S. members. Read about the bill here, and check out more COVID-19 updates at ikorcc.com/covid19

U.S. Members affected by COVID-19 may be entitled to benefits under new law

On March 18, 2020, the Families First Coronavirus Response Act was signed into law in the United States, and it gives new benefits to many workers whose families have been affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

Effective April 1, employees who cannot work or telework are quarantined due to a suspected COVID-19 infection, or because they were in contact with someone who has COVID-19, may be eligible for two weeks of paid sick leave from their employer. They may also be eligible for paid sick leave if they are forced to miss work and cannot telecommute in order to care for someone in their household who is sick, quarantined, or unable to attend school or daycare because it has been closed.

Employees who cannot work or telework and who have been forced to stay home from work in order to care for their minor child whose school or daycare has been closed during this crisis may be eligible for up to 12 weeks of paid Family Medical Leave from their employer.

This law takes effect on April 1, 2020 and applies to leave that is taken after that date. The United States Department of Labor has published guidance to help determine who is eligible for these benefits. Please reference their website https://www.dol.gov/agencies/whd/pandemic/ffcra-employee-paid-leave.

More information is available on the DOL Q and A website here: https://www.dol.gov/agencies/whd/pandemic/ffcra-questions

Click here to read our full summary of the Families First Coronavirus Response Act.

Analysis of future laws passed with regard to COVID-19 will be added to this page as the details of the laws become available.