Building a Solid Foundation – Indianapolis-Area Update

In 2022, a new criminal justice center will open its doors in Indianapolis thanks to the hard work of Central Indiana IKORCC members. Its focus will be on diverting people from jail and furnishing them with mental health services. It’s the largest construction project in Indiana in recent years.

The new campus is replacing the existing jail and courthouse in downtown Indianapolis that was built almost 60 years ago. The new campus consists of four main structures totaling more than 1.3 million square feet. On the 140-acre site there is a four-story 3,000 bed detention center, an eleven-story courthouse, an Assessment Intervention Center and a professional office building. In addition to the structures, two 1,000 space-parking garages will be constructed on the campus.


IKORCC members completed the foundation, concrete, bridge work, interior systems, case and millwork, scaffolding, welding and floor covering for the project. At its peak, almost 200 members worked on the project creating very significant manhours from Locals 301, 1076, 364, 1016 and 133. Nearly 20 signatory contractors secured work on the justice center.

In addition to building major projects, the Greenwood team has also heavily focused on building stronger relationships with school corporations. We now have responsible bidder ordinances with six central Indiana school corporations. In the coming years, these schools plan to do over $525 million in construction projects. In addition, these partnerships give us access to students and create a strong pipeline for our apprenticeship.



“It’s a no brainer. When you’re trying to put together quality construction projects, you want the very best. So, it was very easy to convince us that having this as a part of our bidder process was in our best interest,” said Dr. Shawn Smith, Superintendent MSD Lawrence Township.

Hobart Open House Competition Winners

Congratuations to our 2017 Hobart, Indiana winners! General Carpentry – Edward Livergood, Local 1485; Interior systems – Juan Miranda, Local 1485; Millwright – Matthew Michels Local 1076.

Warsaw Open House Competition Winners

Congratuations to our 2016 Warsaw, Indiana winners! General Carpentry – Kenny Allison, Local 615; Interior systems – Jose Mendez-Flores, Local 232; and Millwright – Kyle Van Ness Jr., Local 1076

Greenwood Open House Competition Winners

Congratuations to our 2017 Greenwood/Indianapolis winners! L-R Director of Education Todd Pancake;General Carpentry: Craig Whitaker, Interior Systems: Arie Perez, Millwright: Josiah Wooden.

Louisville Open House Competition Winners

Congratuations to our 2017 Louisville winners! Millwright: Casey Adams (Local 1076), General Carpentry: Henry Schultz-Eggenspiller (Local 175), Interior Systems: Jonathan “Kyle” Watkins (Local 1650).

Newburgh Open House Competition Winners

Congratuations on our 2017 Newburgh open house apprenticeship competition winners! Millwright: Mario Leachman (Local 1076), General Carpentry: Matt Hoogsteen (Local 224), Interior Systems: Adam Kinney (Local 224).