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The Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) program was recently featured on PortageLife.com for its efforts to keep hospitals safe and infection-free during construction and renovation.

Workers Endeavor to Keep Hospital Safe with ICRA Training
Written by Kyle Hovanec 

For those involved in construction or the upkeep of a hospital, taking the necessary steps to maintain a clean and safe environment during construction and maintenance projects is an essential precaution needed to keep people safe. Following these steps goes beyond simple exercises such as washing hands, it requires the knowledge and training taught by professionals to make sure each project is safe. ICRA involves methods and strategies taught by the Indiana/Kentucky/Ohio Regional Council of Carpenters (IKORCC) to teach and prepare workers for working safely and efficiently in healthcare environments by teaching them methods designed to understand infection and contamination risks, specialized procedures, proper job site conduct and dress as well as proper communication. 

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Do you want to ensure infection control best practices are used by construction workers in upcoming renovation or construction projects at your healthcare facility? Contact Brad Murphy at 317.605.1386 or bmurphy@ikorcc.com for a list of contractors in your area that use ICRA-trained staff.

Construction ICRA Best Practices is an innovative program that provides patient-focused training for Carpenters and other trades working in hospitals, medical facilities or other occupied spaces. This set of best practices helps prevent the spread of disease and infection during construction at healthcare facilities. ICRA instructors also offer training opportunities to healthcare facility staff.

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