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Thursday, July 11, 202412:00 am to 12:00 am ADT
12:00 am to 12:00 am ADT
Seats Remaining:

Please note: Some Firewall Systems do not allow their employees to access Google Classroom training and/or our Google Classroom Assessment/test, on their employee Wi-Fi network for cybersecurity purposes. You may need to contact your IT department for assistance. Tip: If you are able to register with a “Gmail” email address, you’ll save yourself a step when logging into the Google Classroom.

Class Description:

The Infection Control Best Practices Training program is designed to provide training to Healthcare Employees, Engineers, Architects, TTT’s, and Union Contractor Management Staff that are not union members personally, to ensure that they are familiar with the proper ICRA protocols/procedures and why they have to be followed. Working with a greater awareness and compliance of Healthcare Infection Control and Infection Prevention protocols is a proactive approach that will directly affect patient safety and job site safety, in a positive way. This training helps to build the bridge of communication within the healthcare facility and between healthcare professionals and construction professionals.

Upon successful completion of this class, you will receive the following ICRA Credentials.
1. Photo-ID Badge
2. Hard-Hat Sticker
3. Certificate of Completion

Credentials: Once you successfully complete the training and we receive your selfie/photo, your ICRA Credentials will be processed and mailed (approximately 4 weeks) to the shipping address you provide during registration.
(The CMRCC ICRA Credentials are valid for 4 years.)

Whether you’re taking this class for the first time, or your ICRA Credentials are expired, or soon to expire, please register via the link below.

     See how to register below ! \_

The registration link is for:

Convenience: Our online ICRA training is pre-recorded.  You will have the ability to complete this course at your convenience between 9am Tuesday morning and 11:59pm Thursday evening. (Approximately three (3) days)

Cost / Fee:  There is no cost or fee to participate in this Online ICRA Training.

Prior to:  You will receive two (2) emails, prior to your Tuesday morning class date.

First Email: The first email will come from Keith Starrett/ , and will provide you with instructions, to guide you through the process of completing the online ICRA training.

Second Email:  The second email will come from , and will provide you with the LINK to log into our Google Classroom-Online ICRA Training.

Questions: For IT questions regarding, links, invitations, logging into google classroom, credentials, or experience any problems, please email them to Keith Starrett at

Photo Required:  When you register, please upload a Photo/Selfie of yourself – from your shoulders up.  (It will be used to create your ICRA Photo ID Badge.)

Test Results: Please note that your test results will be sent no later than the Friday after the class ends.

Participants must earn a score of 18 out of 25 points to pass.  Once you’ve completed the assessment/test, if you happen to miss any questions, we would like the opportunity to connect with you by phone to go over the question/s you missed and explain the correct answer/s. If you would like to schedule a test review by phone, please send an email to indicating what time/s and date/s work best for you.